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An Ounce of Prevention…

Each October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and most of us know people who have been affected by this disease.  Awareness is important, but wouldn’t it be better if combined with Prevention? What if there are action steps you can take now, to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer later?

At Body in Harmony, we like to think of “PINK” in terms of action:

P – Protect and Prevent

I – Immune Alliance Support

N – Nutrition/NUCCA Support

K – Kindness to Yourself and Others

Protect and Prevent:

There are many things you can do to help Protect and Prevent.  Cleaning up your diet (discussed more below), maintaining a healthy weight and optimal nutrient levels, and exercise are absolutely key.  At Body in Harmony, we can help you get to and maintain a healthy weight, assess nutrient deficiencies that may be harming your health and help you choose the foods and whole food supplements that help your body work well despite life’s challenges.

Toxins are abundant in our environment and you should reduce your exposure, as well as support your body’s ability to detoxify.  According to this study, you can reduce your breast cancer risk by avoiding chemicals commonly used in products we see every day.  Most of us have heard of BPA, the chemical that was used so commonly in plastic containers.  Most manufacturers have stopped the use of it, and any plastic labeled with the number 5, should be free of BPA.  However, we don’t know the long-term effects of BPA’s replacements.  Doing simple things like only heating your food in glass containers and drinking out of stainless steel or glass water bottles, can make a difference.  Use stainless steel or cast iron cookware instead of non-stick versions.  Avoiding chemicals found commonly in beauty products, cleaners, and even the fire retardants in furniture may seem overwhelming, however, to make it simple, we suggest making one change at a time.  The next time a household cleaner runs out, replace it with vinegar, baking soda, or natural cleaners instead.  When a cosmetic or beauty product needs to be replaced, try one of the many proven, natural versions available.

Ultimately, you cannot avoid every possible toxin.  It is imperative that you support your body’s natural ability to detoxify.  Contact our office to schedule a time to discuss simple detox strategies, lifestyle management, and whole food supplements that you can incorporate into your routine every day.

Immune Alliance Support:

In summary, your Immune Alliance consists of the various bodily organs and systems that work each and every day to keep you healthy.  They are:

  • Gut Barrier
  • Lymphatic System
  • Lungs
  • Skin
  • Mucus Membranes
  • Liver
  • Kidneys

In a few weeks, we will dive deeper into the Immune Alliance and how to best support it so that it can work optimally to keep you healthy.

Nutrition/NUCCA Support:

Nutrition is a multi-faceted topic, and it looks different for each person.  At a bare minimum, a diet free from processed foods, artificial ingredients, and added sugars is key for supporting your body’s ability to heal itself.  An important further step is experimentation or lab testing to learn what foods can help you thrive, and which ones might be delaying your healing progress.

Quick Tip:  If you suffer from Autoimmune Disease of any kind, or even just have regular indigestion, it is likely that you are dealing with food sensitivities or allergies.  At Body in Harmony, our nutrition staff is highly trained in helping you discover what foods are making you healthier, and which ones might need to be set aside for a time.

NUCCA care helps your body to maintain stasis, which is vital to keep each of your body systems functioning properly.  NUCCA is not just for back pain.  The nerves exiting your brain, brainstem and spinal column control every part of you, and when even one is out of balance, it starts a cascade of symptoms that can cause a multitude of health issues.  Dr. Ziska is a licensed healthcare provider and is highly skilled in NUCCA Care to help you thrive!

Kindness to Yourself and Others:

The importance of self-care cannot be overestimated when it comes to maintaining good health.  Being kind to yourself can take many forms: proper diet and supplementation, NUCCA Care, yoga, massage, detox baths, prayer or meditation, time with friends and loved ones…  Time doing what is meaningful and enjoyable to YOU is paramount.  In addition, proper sleep is essential for anyone interested in maintaining good health.

Looking at your inter-personal relationships with a keen eye may reveal areas for improvement.  Kindness is contagious, so while you are learning to care for yourself, consider spreading the love to those around you.  Doing what you can to de-stress your inter-personal relationships is health promoting, for you and for them.

In the end, the key is to find what helps you keep your stress level low, whether that be with health-promoting activities, supplementation, or spiritual work…you know YOU best!

At Body in Harmony, we believe all aspects of PINK are essential components of your healthcare.  We would be happy to discuss further strategies you can use to stay well.  Contact our office and mention this Blog to schedule a complimentary consultation where we can develop a strategy – designed just for you!

The statements made only in this Blog are meant for educational purposes only, were not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not meant to treat or cure breast cancer or any disease.  Please consult with your Licensed Healthcare Provider before starting any supplement or nutrition program.

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