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In our modern world, we are surrounded by chemicals and toxins every day.   Toxins inhibit the body’s ability to naturally detoxify, and they impact your body’s natural immunity.  The toxins we live with every day are too numerous to list fully, but consider the following unregulated chemicals that you are exposed to on a daily basis:

  • Chemicals in cosmetics
  • Pesticides & herbicides on food
  • Chemicals in drinking water
  • Heavy metals & undisclosed chemicals in vaccines & flu shots
  • Chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs
  • Chemicals in automotive fuel
  • Chemicals in plastic housewares

Our body has several detoxification pathways, each of which deal with toxins in a different manner:

  • Skin – toxins are released through sweat
  • Lungs – release carbon dioxide, a byproduct of breathing oxygen
  • Lymphatic system – part of the circulatory system, it removes wastes and toxins
  • Kidneys – regulate the body’s water levels, remove waste from cell metabolism, and filter out excess salt
  • Liver – removes & inactivates foreign substances, such as food additives, harmful minerals, toxic medications, and excess hormones
  • Colon – removes waste leftover from digestion

How do you know if your detoxification is not working properly?  You may experience some of the following symptoms if one or more parts of your detox system are not performing well:

  • Carb cravings
  • Diabetes
  • Sinus Congestions
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation or organs or tissues
  • Digestive distress – gas, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn
  • Depression
  • Body Odor
  • Low energy/frequent fatigue
  • Muscle & joint pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Brain fog/slow cognition
  • Skin issues – eczema, rosacea, rashes, acne, itchiness
  • Headaches
  • Frequent Illness
  • Heart disease
  • Lower back pain
  • Blood sugar imbalance
  • Food or environmental allergies











woman enjoying vitamin D for detoxification

While the European Union has taken some steps to regulate chemicals such as those listed above, the United States still has a long way to go.  The good news is there is a lot you can do to support your natural detoxification pathways:

  • Diet – eating organic whenever possible is a great place to start. The Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists are updated annually and can help you prioritize how to spend your food dollars.
  • Quitting smoking – maybe the most essential step in improving detox, free resources are available to help you quit.
  • Optimize your weight – your eating and exercise plan can impact your weight greatly. If you are looking for guidance on how to start, contact us today for a consultation!
  • NUCCA Care – your detox pathways require proper spinal alignment to function well, and at Body in Harmony, we can help! Give our office a call to schedule your appointment.
  • Optimize Vitamin D/Sun exposure – keeping your Vitamin D level in a proper range is very important to maintain your body’s natural immune function. We don’t recommend supplementing Vitamin D without regular testing of your Vitamin D level, and at Body in Harmony, we can order that bloodwork for you.
  • Supplementation – if you have covered all the areas above but still feel you are struggling, supplements that support your natural detox pathways can help:
    • Standard Process GI Adsorb – contains clinoptilolite, which is found in Zeolite. Pulls toxins out of the gut.
    • Standard Process Parotid PMG – stops the autoimmune attack on the parotid gland. Removes toxins from the thyroid, and heavy metals, such as mercury found in amalgam fillings.
    • Standard Process Spanish Black Radish – supports liver and gallbladder detox; functions as a diuretic and great for toxic bowels; helps with sinus congestion, ileocecal valve dysfunction, and detox of bacteria, fungi & parasites.
    • Forbidden Doctor Long Life Energy Enzymes – contains whole pancreas and pancreatic enzymes; gives the pancreas a rest; supports healthy blood sugar levels. Fenugreek supports healthy mucus; turmeric helps with inflammation; and gymnema reduces sugar cravings.

At Body in Harmony, we specialize in using NUCCA and nutrition to get your body back to functioning the way it was meant to, including your detoxification pathways.  Contact us today for more information!



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