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February is traditionally Heart Month, and every February Body in Harmony, PC celebrates heart month by offering our Heart Sound Recording (HSR) at no charge to anyone who schedules one.  The HSR is a specialized microphone that goes over each heart valve one at a time to measure the rate, rhythm and tone of each one. The client can see the results of the graph on the computer screen and we print or email the results for the client.  Our Nutrition Consultant, Katie Hallquist, B.S., performs the non-invasive test and explains the results in a 40 minute appointment at our Omaha office.


Who needs a Heart Sound Recording (HSR)?

Anyone with a heart can benefit from knowing how your heart is functioning.  The HSR indicates nutritional deficiencies of the heart, thyroid, adrenals, blood vessels, etc.  Your heart and brain get the nutrition first, so if your heart shows a nutritional deficiency, imagine how deficient other organs and body parts are.


What happens after the HSR is complete?

Katie will compare your results to an ideal graph and explain in detail.  She will recommend certain foods, lifestyle changes and whole food supplements from Standard Process, an organic farm in WI that we have available in our office.  The most common Standard Process supplements that she recommends to support heart function are on sale at 10% off during the month of February. We always recommend that you schedule a follow up HSR after you have followed Katie’s recommendations for a few weeks so you can see the results for yourself. Follow up Heart Sound Recordings are a great value at only $25.00.


How do I get an HSR?

Please call our office at 402-614-4201 and schedule your Complimentary HSR today before all the appointment times fill up.  For more information, call our office, refer to the Nutrition tab of our website and click on Heart Sound Recording, or listen to radio interview on the home page of this website.


This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult your physician or licensed health care provider.



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