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Every week patients come into our office, saying “I have long Covid and I am still so tired.”  “I had Covid and I still can’t take a deep breath.” “All my Covid symptoms are gone except, I still have this horrible brain fog.”

At Body in Harmony, we have solutions for these and other issues.  First, we always recommend that you get your spine checked regularly as your nervous system needs to be able to communicate appropriately with the rest of your body for you to have optimal health.  If you are carrying your head forward or to the side, it takes more energy to function day to day as you are not fighting gravity the same front to back or right to left.  Please call the office and make an appointment to be checked today.



Covid can damage the large and small blood vessels and cause clots.  These clots can prevent oxygen from getting to your tissues and result in tissue death.  This is why people end up with fatigue (muscle tissue death), difficulty breathing (lung tissue death), gastrointestinal difficulties and other organ problems.  Brain fog occurs when there is lack of oxygen and nutrients going to the brain. Hair loss occurs when there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients going to the hair follicles.

We have nutritional protocols to help depending on your specific needs. We recommend that you complete our symptom survey so that we can create a plan specifically designed for you.  Call the office and we will get one to you.

In March 2023 the following Standard Process Products that help with these long-term issues are on sale at 10% off:

  • Cyruta Plus – Contains buckwheat leaf and other foods to repair the blood vessels from the inside out. This can help with clots, varicose and spider veins, hemorrhoids, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, easy bruising, bleeding gums, migraines, radiation treatments, and more.  Supports vascular health, optimal blood sugar levels, and decreases inflammation.
  • Multizyme – Enzymes to breakdown food better and go after foreign substances in the body. Nutritional support for weak digestion, bloating, food allergies and more.  Supports optimal nutrient digestion and absorption.
  • Wheat Germ Oil – The whole Vitamin E complex to help with capillary function, hair, skin and nails, and cramping. Improves blood flow, supports thyroid function, reduces scarring, balances hormones, prevents pregnancy stretch marks and more.  Supports optimal hormone levels, muscle oxygen, and tissue integrity.


This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, nor be medical advice. Please consult your physician or licensed health care provider.

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