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Dr. Ziska,

I have had lower back pain for 10+ years; I have tried just about everything short of seeing a medical doctor. Their answers always seem to be surgery and that is not an option.

I have paid 200+ dollars for shoes that helped for about 3 months but never really took the pain away, just made it less uncomfortable for a while. I have purchased things from infomercials, like the back to life and others. Always they helped relieve some pain for a short time, but they either made it worse or did nothing at all. After going to the chiropractor and being twisted, pulled and not being able to sit, stand, walk or lie down for 3 days because the muscles and that problem area were to sore. I gave up on really having any real relief. So I just lived with it. I must also say that I refuse to take medications unless I really need them. So no Advil, Tylenol, or any other Anti- inflammatory were ever used. The “Pain” was more of a constant tight uncomfortable feeling in the lower back that never went away. Rolling over in bed was a chore, and sitting through a movie was so uncomfortable. I was seriously not going to go to the movies anymore but I love them so. Standing for more than 10-15 minutes was not good, I was always shifting and adjusting trying to get a spot that was tolerable, and as a contractor doing all types of household repairs and remodeling, I am always lifting, crawling, bending and just plain brutalizing my back.

I have known Dr. Ziska for a few years because she is a friend of my wife’s. She told me while she was still in school that she could fix my back pain and when she was finished with school to come in and see her.

I was very skeptical because everything else has failed, so after a year of thinking about it I finally went to see her at one of her free screenings. Seeing how out of alignment I was, I took the leap and made an appointment to start the NUCCA process. At that time the muscles in my back where literally pulling on my groin to the point I was having a hard time driving anywhere past about 10minutes. (I go many different places, camping all summer long and the thought of not being able to drive to Branched Oak, about an hour drive I just can’t be that uncomfortable for that long.)

On the day of my first appointment I almost had to stop and take a driving break on the way to see Dr. Ziska. The groin pull was so bad (20 min drive from my house). After the 1st appointment was over, I got in my truck and headed for home, thinking, what the heck was THAT going to do for me.!! Then I realized 90 percent of the pain in my groin was gone, Coincidence!, but then the back muscles just kept releasing the tension and for the first time in a very long time, I rolled over in bed and NO shooting pain from my lower back . WOW! Still had a long way to go but at the point I knew it wasn’t coincidence. Now I have been to see her several times and each time it seems to be helping. By the way the groin pain is still gone from the very first visit. My back has not been in any real pain since the first adjustment. As I said I brutalize my back daily. Even my son notice I was able to get up off the floor without so much trouble. I still have a ways to go but I can sit through a movie now, go to a Broadway show and not fidget in the seats the whole time. I tell anyone I hear speaking of pain to go see Dr. Ziska.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DR. Ziska


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