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I have had chiropractic care for many years for head/neck/back aches. However, I started seeing Dr. Ziska two months ago and already have more relief than I have had for years – the constant knots in my shoulder blades are gone, as well as my headaches.

I started walking (again) and noticed my lower back was achy – after my next adjustment with Dr. Ziska, the ache was gone. Other years, I would stop walking due to the discomfort in my back and repeated trips to the chiropractor.

I recommended Dr. Ziska to a friend, who for many years has been suffering from several issues. After just one month, she is already feeling some relief. My friend had not been to a chiropractor before because didn’t like the idea of being ”˜adjusted’. However, after I explained NUCCA to her and how caring, personable, and capable Dr. Ziska is, my friend was willing to try it.

Dr. Ziska has such a light touch that I don’t realize I’m being adjusted. I go less often than I used to and have more relief.

My brother, who lives more than two hours away, also sees Dr. Ziska and is happy with his results. I am planning on referring other friends and family to her.





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