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Celebrate National Heart Month with a Complimentary Heart Sound Recording

During National Heart Month, the focus is typically on risk factors for heart disease, as well as education to help prevent heart disease from taking hold.  At Body in Harmony, we foster prevention by nurturing the heart in two ways.  The first is to perform NUCCA corrections, which enable the nervous system and the heart to communicate properly.  The second is the Heart Sound Recording, which we would like to share more about here.

Stressors on your heart, which can be chemical, nutritional, or emotional in origin, have a direct effect on the movement and vibration of each of your four heart valves.  The Heart Sound Recorder measures those movements and vibrations and does so non-invasively and with low risk to the patient.

When measuring the RHYTHM of your heart, you should be able to see a specific work-to-rest ratio.  In particular, your heart should be at resting twice as long as it is working, and this can be viewed on the graph produced during your Heart Sound Recording session.

In addition, the strength of the ventricles can be measured through the TONE of your heart.  The height and width of the beats as shown on the graph, can tell us how efficiently blood is being cycled through your body.

The RATE of your heartbeat gives us clues to the balance between your Sympathetic (“Fight or Flight”) and Parasympathetic (“Rest and Digest”) Nervous Systems.  Both systems are equally important, but they must also be in balance.

When we measure the results of all four heart valves, we can learn many things about your physiology, including nutrient deficiencies that could be negatively impacting your health, as well as endocrine system function.  The good news is that your heart responds very quickly to nutritional support, as it receives the nutrition before any other system in the body.  But if you learn that your heart is lacking in nutrients, it then stands to reason that the rest of your body is as well.  This can help you make powerful nutritional changes that impact your health from head to toe.

At Body in Harmony, we are offering COMPLIMENTARY Heart Sound Recordings during the month of February, with our Nutritional Consultant, Katie Halquist.  We can help you develop solutions to support your body’s unique nutritional needs.  Contact us today so we can help you take your health journey to the next level!

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