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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

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As I started working with all this, I discovered I had the wrong definition of “autonomic.” I don’t know about you, but when I learned about the autonomic nervous system back in 1962 or ’63, it wasn’t much education. My teacher had this manual that he just read to us and there was no opportunity for questions and answers.

For some reason I thought that in the autonomic nervous system, “autonomic” meant “automatic.” It’s close, it’s just not the right definition. The word “autonomic” doesn’t come from “automatic,” it comes from “autonomous.” “Autonomous” means “independent of the local sovereign.” It’s a guy who has full authority over his area without having to ask permission from the king. That’s an autonomous person.

Once I got that definition I understood even more what the autonomic nervous system was about. Each of us has a body. Some people think they are the body. No one is a body. Everyone has a body. You bring it with you, you sit it up, you feed it and you do whatever else you have to do with it. Who’s keeping that body together? It isn’t you. Can you imagine how busy you’d be monitoring every electrical and chemical reaction in trillions of cells per second? Would you be able to drive your car and monitor the changes that are required in the various blood vessels and various organs at different levels constantly as the temperature changes, stress level changes, traffic patterns change, etc.? You have enough trouble just keeping your attention on one thing at a time … Click to read full article.

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