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STRESS > > > How Does Your Body Respond?

Stress comes in many forms—changes at work, family demands, physical challenges, even your posture at your desk can cause physical or mental stress. Your head is forward or down, you aren’t breathing deeply—this creates more stress.

Body in Harmony can help.

  1. Schedule a consultation with NUCCA Doctor, Marcy Ziska, to see if your posture needs an overhaul. NUCCA can help with all physical challenges by getting your structure vertical and allowing your nerves to all function optimally. This allows the rest of your body to get the correct signals so it all works well.
  2. Schedule a consultation with GAPS Certified Nutritionist, Lisa Garret. She can help with hormone and emotional balance, energy production, thyroid, immune, cardiovascular and other organ function through eating plans, whole food supplementation and testing.


Vitamin D and Vitamin F

Do you take Vitamin D? Vitamin D helps to shuttle calcium into your blood. Too much Vitamin D combined with too much sun can make you feel crampy and can cause heatstroke. Now that we have more sunny days, balance the Vitamin D with Vitamin F so that you can get calcium into your tissues as well. Ask Lisa for details especially if you experience:

  • Muscle cramps, soreness, aches
  • Restless legs
  • Heatstroke, sunburn
  • Cold sores


Do You Suffer with Allergies?

Did you know that a leaky gut causes allergies? If you have small holes in your gut wall, proteins leak into the blood and can cause a histamine reaction—runny nose, sneezing, drainage, coughing and fatigue —SO annoying!

Body in Harmony’s GAPS certified nutritionist, Lisa Garrett, MS, can help you heal and seal your gut and get rid of the cause of the allergies once and for all. Feel better and have a sneeze-free life.


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