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After a particularly snowy and cold winter, I think we all have a bit of “Spring Fever”.  The term “Spring Fever” didn’t just come about to describe our tendency to wear shorts when the weather gets over 40 degrees.  It actually refers to the fact that seasonal changes, often inexplicably, bring on colds and flu-like symptoms.  In this article, we’d like to discuss ways you can support your health during these seasonal changes.

At these times of seasonal transition, the key to maintaining good health lies with “drainage”; not just sinus drainage, though that does play a role.  Rather, when we refer to drainage, we are referring to the elimination channels your body possesses, each of which helps to eliminate toxins, waste, and pathogens.  From a whole-body perspective, seasonal transitions and temperature changes tend to cause stagnation in these elimination pathways, which then makes us more likely to experience illness and allergy symptoms.

As a reminder, let us review the Immune Alliance, the collection of bodily systems and organs that work together to keep you healthy:

  • Gut Barrier
  • Lymphatic System
  • Lungs
  • Skin
  • Mucus Membranes
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Blood Cells


Each of these members of the Immune Alliance is directly involved in the drainage and detoxification process.



One effective way to get through these seasonal transitions is to supplement for drainage and detoxification appropriately.  Standard Process produces a full complement of supplements for this purpose.  Today we would like to feature three of them:

  • Antronex – Contains a substance derived from bovine liver that helps your liver break down histamine and eliminate toxins.  Antronex is particularly helpful for environmental, food and skin allergies, and is often combined with Albizia Complex for a synergistic effect.
  • Allerplex – Combines Tillandsia, Fenugreek, Lung and Adrenal Protomorphogen, Alfalfa, and many other foods.  Allerplex helps to move mucus appropriately.  It’s especially helpful for seasonal allergies and asthma.  It reduces your immune system’s overreaction to a normal environmental stimuli.  
  • Spanish Black Radish – Combines organic Spanish Black Radish with three other plants that are rich in natural Vitamin C complex to support immunity and adrenal function.  Spanish Black Radish improves detoxification of harmful chemicals and pathogens.  It helps your liver detoxify excess estrogen and increases your body’s innate cancer resistance.  It is a great source of sulfur, which protects your liver and supports the production of insulin.  Spanish Black Radish is helpful for gas and bloating, fungal or yeast overgrowth, constipation, liver or gallbladder problems, bowel toxicity, and arthritis.


At Body in Harmony, we are highly trained in supplementation.  No supplement program should be initiated without the support of a health professional.  We can design a protocol especially for you!  Contact our office today to schedule a supplement consolation.

MARCH DISCOUNT: For the month of March 2021, refer to this article to get 10% off your orders of Antronex, Allerplex, or Spanish Black Radish.



NUCCA care supports proper spine alignment, which then supports the Nervous System’s ability to communicate with the systems that make up your Immune Alliance.  This communication is vital, enabling your body’s innate ability to drain and detox.

At Body in Harmony, our goal is to provide NUCCA for everyone who wants it, and we welcome your referrals.  Contact us today to discuss how NUCCA care can benefit you!



Did you know that seasonal allergies are often the first signal that you are experiencing gut permeability?  Since “All disease begins in the gut”, almost all of our health problems can come back to your gut health.  Therefore, diet is of utmost importance for nearly everyone.  

This can include healing diets like Paleo, GAPS, AIP, and more.  If you have been interested in making a change in your way of eating, but have been overwhelmed knowing where to start, contact our office for a consultation today.  Our Nutrition Consultant, Katie Hallquist, is well-versed in healing diets and has helped many people improve their health and reduce gut permeability, which is the first step to solving allergy issues.


Activity and Self-Care

The Lymphatic System, which is one of the primary parts of the Immune Alliance, has no “pump”.  In order to circulate lymph, you have to move your body.  Any type of exercise, even walking, can help lymph circulate.  Rebounding is a targeted activity that is great for the lymphatic system.  It also increases balance and muscle tone and reduces constipation.

In a previous article, we discussed several other ways to support your immunity, such as staying hydrated, consuming probiotic foods or supplements, detox baths, dry brushing, and sleep.  Each of these techniques can support your body in its efforts to drain and detoxify.



The idea of drinking enough water is stated time and again, but it cannot be overstated.  Water is the basis for your lymph, your blood, your intestines’ ability to function, your kidneys’ ability to filter waste…it is absolutely vital to each and every part of the drainage and detoxification process.  Equally as important is access to clean water that is free of pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals.  There are many ways to accomplish this, such as reverse osmosis, countertop filters, and even pitcher filters.  

At Body in Harmony, we like to see “Spring Fever” in the form of short sleeves and flip-flops, rather than infections and congestion.  We can help you design a program that is unique for your needs and health problems.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

(Note: Body In Harmony is not affiliated with any vendor linked above; these are simply examples of filters available on the market currently).

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