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Nutrition Response Testing – A New Service at Body In Harmony

At Body in Harmony, we believe optimal health is a whole-person effort.  NUCCA Corrections offer better nerve function, whole-body balance, and pain relief.  Our Nutrition Services help you learn how to eat and supplement correctly to support your good health.  This month, we are pleased to introduce a new service at our office: Nutrition Response Testing.  In this article, we will discuss what Nutrition Response Testing is, how it works, and how it can help you.


What Is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive technique that uses feedback from your body to discover the underlying causes of your health issues.  The human body is extraordinary in its ability to guide our discoveries.  The human body wants to be well!  You may think of Nutrition Response Testing as a way to “tap into” what your body has been trying to tell you all along.


How Does Nutrition Response Testing Work?

Prior to beginning Nutrition Response Testing, you will be asked to complete a thorough health questionnaire that helps us discover what bodily systems we may need to focus on.  During Nutrition Response Testing sessions, we will test your body’s neurological reflexes, which are how the body tells us how your nervous system is performing.  Remember that the nervous system controls all other bodily systems, so much can be learned by this discovery process!

Energy flows between all your organs and bodily systems.  A variety of health issues can disrupt these energy flows, and our testing can easily discover these disruptions.  The Nutrition Response Testing practitioner will ‘scan’ your entire body using a technique that is often referred to as Muscle Testing.  The practitioner will contact your extended arm with one hand, and the specific reflex area being tested, with their other hand.  Your nervous system responds by reducing its energy output to your extended arm when that reflex area is under stress.  In other words, your extended arm will become weak and unable to withstand the pressure being applied by the practitioner.

This practice guides us to determine what organs and systems are experiencing stress.  Following your session, we will explain our findings, and we will recommend a plan to address these deficiencies through dietary changes, supplementation, or NUCCA corrections.


How Can Nutrition Response Testing Help Me?

Chronic health problems develop over time due to improper nutrition and other environmental influences.  Addressing these outside influences can help return the body to optimal health.  With this in mind, it may take a period of weeks to see marked improvements.  We often see results in 4-6 weeks, but each person is different.  It’s also important to remember that how closely you adhere to your recommended nutrition plan will directly affect how quickly your body responds to healing.  Our initial discussions will help us to determine if you are a likely candidate for Nutrition Response Testing, both in terms of overall response and program compliance.

Nutrition Response Testing Candidates may be anyone…

  • With chronic health issues.
  • Who has “tried everything” and nothing has worked up to this point.
  • Who has visited multiple physicians or alternative practitioners, with no lasting results.
  • Whose health problems seem to be taking over their life.
  • Who knows in their heart of hearts, that what they are doing now is not working.

At Body in Harmony, we are thrilled to be able to offer this new service to our patients.  We are already seeing patients hold NUCCA Corrections longer and hearing reports of improvements in health and well-being.  That is our ultimate goal here, and we believe Nutrition Response Testing will be an integral part of our practice going forward.

Contact our office today and mention this article for a 15-minute complimentary consultation where we can discuss how Nutrition Response Testing might benefit you.  We look forward to helping you achieve whole-body wellness!

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