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Dr. Ziska,

I can’t thank you enough for your help in relieving my every day pain! I feel so blessed to have met you and been the recipient of your wonderful care and I cannot describe how much better I feel. Believe me, I share my success story every day with friends and family!

Three years ago, after my accident and treatment of my cervical fusion of the spine (three vertebrae), I felt better and that I had come through feeling “normal.” However, I was in a car accident that caused whiplash a little more than a year ago. As a result of that accident, I would get headaches and muscle spasms continuously and felt a constant heavy weight, aching, and swelling of my shoulders, especially the left side. The pain and discomfort constantly affected my everyday life and since I love to run, ride my bike and am constantly on the go, these activities actually made the pain worse.

After my treatment from you, I got up, walked the hall and started to cry from the emotions of instant relief! I couldn’t believe it! It was a miracle! Before the treatment, my posture was imbalanced at my hips, shoulders and head. But after receiving your care, I felt like I was standing completely straight and the heavy feeling on my shoulders was gone! I don’t have to take any pain medication anymore and I keep thinking “Is this too good to be true?” No, it’s so true because I continue to feel great every day and I love to share my success story! Marcy, I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so good and giving me back my life!


–Trish, Omaha, NE

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