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Body In Harmony Radio June 4, 2011. Body In Harmony Radio June 4, 2011.

Highlights from this program:

  • The structure of the neck includes the atlas, axis, 5 additional cervical bones with discs in between from C2 down.  The bones are all connected with small ligaments and tendons connect the bones to muscles that allow movement.  The dentate ligaments connect the atlas to the brainstem and the bones of the neck protect the spinal cord.
  • The 3 oz. atlas at the top of the neck holds up the 8 – 10 lb. head.  The neck allows movement of the head and provides a pathway for spinal nerves from the neck to innervate the shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Accidents and Injuries tear loose connective tissue that hold the joints in place and cause a weakness.  To stabilize themselves the joints lock in a stressed position and the body tips and twists to allow the head to be as level with the floor as possible.  This puts pressure on the nerves and soft tissue and can cause pain and disease.  The body then fights gravity unevenly and progressive wear and tear occurs.
  • This wear and tear can lead to radiculopathy which is pain, tingling, numbness that travels down the arm in a specific pathway.  Radiculopathy often occurs in specificlocations in the arms and hands depending on which spinal nerves are affected. This can show up as carpal tunnel syndrome, but instead of looking directly to the wristor arm, often the problem is higher up in the neck.  NUCCA brings the structure back to vertical so that nerves, joints, muscles and blood vessels can function correctly.  In most cases NUCCA helps to alleviate pain, tingling and numbness.
  • Ligaments, discs, tendons and muscles can be injured as well.  Progressive wear and tear or severe acute injuries like car accidents can lead to disc bulge or herniation.  These also cause radiculopathy and can heal with the proper alignment that NUCCA care provides.  Many patients can avoid surgery because their necks heal appropriately.  Some patients have surgery and then later hear about NUCCA and realize that alignment of the neck will  help prevent future instability.


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